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Monday, Enron drove the design in the office of City Hall, and that the phone on the table without nike nfl jerseys warning sounded, so bent to focus on drawing Enron suddenly scared, slapped down several Huanguo Lai. Took the phone, is a strange number, hesitating to move the next, but still pressed the answer. Hello? Enron head and shoulders tucked phone, hand painted back and forth continues in the drawing. Wednesday cross figure has now Monday, and this design was finished third, these days she really have to hurry rush job. Yes Miss Gu it? Phone there came a nice nike nfl jerseys china female voice, the sound softly Nono, especially gentle, listening very comfortable. Enron stopped hands painted with the pen, the ruler tool that aside, that under the phone again, looked again calls, determine the number he did not know, this at the mobile phone, said ? You are Phone side chuckle, Oh, you probably do not know me, but I know you, Miss Gu interested out together cup of coffee? Enron listening to her words more frowned, she can not used in conjunction with a stranger out for coffee chat, Sorry, I did not drink with strangers coffee habit. Do nike nfl jerseys cheap not know two people sitting together and coffee, that's what happens. Miss Gu might not know me, but I think Miss Gu must know my husband. Telephone there said so. Enron did not Yizhou, she heard the words really iffy up, I do not quite understand what you mean. . Could phone side Qingtu word, then smiles tenderly said Could it be my husband, I was Enron a stiff hand holding a phone, she did not think would be Tong Xiaojie, she in fact has been known to her, from the university began her long beautiful, is the university's nike nfl jerseys for sale school beauty, fine arts, who has a unique artistic temperament , very beautiful, like to wear white when reading group, a Xian Qi, it is like totally do not know the reality like. Because looks startling beauty, but also a famous door after officials at the school, she has always been a lot of suitors, never stopped, but in the school for four years, but never heard never heard of her love, those who seek her Whether a man is handsome and wealthy family, all she hit back, four years of college, but never heard together with a guy out too. In fact, for this type of school man, Enron also just heard from do not contact reason to know her, and was impressed simply because Could it be, on the eve of graduation, school boysand suddenly heard a Department of Architecture very close, and some even saw two men holding hands together out of school, talking and laughing. During that time Enron busy practice, rumors about these insignificant never care, because at that time internship relationship with Murphy also met less and less of. Just be such rumors spread her ears, until we confirm the rumors of the male is, when does the Department of Architecture, then they have established the relationship between male and female friends. When questioned Enron Could find the time, does not say anything, just head down with Enron apology. Enron just felt weird at that time, we feel even more ridiculous, who fell in love four years before graduating to send her a gift is breaking up, but also cheating the end, once hugged her dreams, but life is all right horizon clouds, far too unrealistic. She asked him why, he just smile, refused to say a word, the last two in the cafe near the school to sit for a whole afternoon, but not a word, and finally turned Enron smile, but at the turn of the moment, could not stop the tears fall down, get home from school, an hour away, tears basically not been broken, care home mother asked what was wrong, obviously the heart grievances to death, but could not say a word, just crying and locked herself in the room, so called not to open the door and let the parents. Finally, the day before graduation, she heard students say Could abroad, andtogether, go to France, along with the news as well as a letter from Murphy left, which is all the years between the two, writing very thin, and many even remember detailed than Enron. In addition to these past few years about between them bit by bit, as well as does the newspaper ambition, he wants to succeed, a desire to succeed, and this community is a benefit of the community, the ability to always be right at the back, he said he does not love , but but can not go to accept him, because he was eager to succeed, and the strength ofbehind what he has been eager to have the power, for which he only chose to betray their love. Everything is quite upset, but the terrible reality. Miss Gu? You still there? No response, there Tong Xiaojie phone call out of temptation. That they recovered safely from the memories, holding the phone's men tightened consciousness, said In That Miss Gu is promised to see me out side of it? Tong Xiaojie asked, his voice still sounded good too. Enron closed his eyes closed, and decisively rejected, I think there is no need, I do know does, but that is only because we are students, no other. Oh. Tong Xiaojie chuckle, Someone pass the sheets very interesting picture to me, then attach your phone number. Photos? What picture? Enron did not understand, where's the picture? And who prank?

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